Spreedbox is the most secure device for all your private online meetings & file sharing.

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Secure, private instant messaging, voice/video calls & file sharing.

Spreedbox is a small, easy-to-install device for communicating and collaborating with your colleagues and clients - including instant messaging, audio/video chat and file sharing. You will no longer need to use 3rd party file sharing services like Dropbox, video chat services like Skype or instant messaging services like WhatsApp.

Most importantly, all your communication is end-to-end encrypted and your files are self-hosted with Spreedbox - ensuring your security and privacy.

With Spreedbox, no one will be able to snoop on your conversations or shared files.

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German Design Award 2017 Nominee

The German Design Council, the expert for brand and design in Germany, bestows the German Design Award.

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 If you think the privacy and security of your business communications and data is important, then you would be crazy to use cloud-based 3rd party services like Dropbox, Skype and WhatsApp. 

- Niels Mache, Inventor of Spreedbox