How do I buy Spreedbox?

Go to our online Store and place an order or go to our Partners page and find the closest reseller. We would love to take your order. We will either deliver it to you by courier or if there is a Spreedbox reseller in your territory, the reseller will arrange to have it deliver to you. We strongly encourage dealing with our resellers as they will be able to provide you with support better than we can.

 How do I make software changes on the Spreedbox?

The Spreedbox provides a SSH server which can be used to access the Spreedbox and do things like upgrading the Spreedbox software. If you are using PuTTY (www.putty.org), then you can key in the hostname or IP address, and use SSH port 22 to connect to your Spreedbox. The default SSH user is name is spreedbox with password spreedbox.

PuTTY Screenshot

 How do I upgrade the Spreedbox software?

Using PuTTY or equivalent, login to Spreedbox and type the following:

~$ ssh spreedbox@spreedbox
~$ sudo apt-get update
~$ sudo apt-get -y dist-upgrade

This updates the software catalog and then applies all available upgrades. During upgrade you might be prompted to review configuration changes. If unsure and if you did not change configuration files directly, always pick the default answer.

 Do I need a fast Internet connection to work with the Spreedbox?

The Spreedbox is used to initiate meetings and file exchange sessions, and to maintain the sessions. It does not require a fast internet connection for that.

 Do I need a fast Internet connection to conduct a video meeting?

The Spreedbox uses P2P technology, so the participants of a video meeting will need a reasonable Internet connection. So what is reasonable? It depends on a number of factors: the resolution, the number of participants and the size of the files that are exchanged. We use H.265 HEVC (High Efficient Video Coding) which is very efficient, as much as double the compression ratio of traditional H.264 that is used in many of the current generation of video conferencing products.

 Do I need a static IP address?

If you are communicating from within your LAN/WLAN, you will not require a static IP address. For the Spreedbox to be reachable from the Internet, a public hostname is required. If you have a static IP address, you can register a domain and have it point to your IP. Otherwise, a dynamic DNS provider can be used to register a subdomain that gets updated to resolve to the currently active IP. There are many DNS service providers that will provide you with a static IP address. Further information can be found at https://github.com/spreedbox/spreedbox/wiki/Connect-from-the-Internet.

 How do I connect to the Spreedbox across the Internet?

You can access the Spreedbox from the Internet using a hostname you have registered with a DNS provider. If you use the Spreedbox automatically generated SSL certificate, your browser will show a security warning as the SSL certificate is not valid for the new hostname you have just added. You can accept the certificate warning and continue. As a next step, you can generate a Let's Encrypt certificate to get a fully valid SSL certificate for your Spreedbox for free.

 I cannot login into the Spreedbox because I get a message that the domain is not trusted.

For security reasons, the Spreedbox allows only requests from "trusted" domains. Internal hostnames are trusted automatically, all external hostname(s) must be added to the /etc/owncloud/additional_trusted_domains.conf file. Enter one hostname per line, all blank lines and lines starting with # are ignored. Run spreedbox-update-trusted-domains every time after you have changed and saved the /etc/owncloud/additional_trusted_domains.conf file

 Is there an app for my mobile device?

We have an app for iOS. We are still working on an app for Android and desktop. You can use a browser that supports WebRTC.

 I am unable to initiate a Spreedbox session on my browser

The Spreedbox uses WebRTC for communication. The browsers that support WebRTC include Chrome, Iridium, Opera and Firefox. Microsoft IE, Edge and Safari currently do not support WebRTC.

 I cannot see the other parties in the meeting room

By default, when you login, you will be in the "main" room. The names for meeting rooms are case sensitive. So the rooms "Spreedbox" and "spreedbox" are different. If you are sure you are in the right meeting room, please wait for the other participants to enter the room.

 How do I know if my Spreedbox is secured?

You can go to https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/ and run the test.

 Is support and maintenance included in the purchase price? What is involved?

The first 12 months of support and maintenance is included in the purchase price. You will need to register your purchase with us. Please go to Support and register your Spreedbox. Support and maintenance will entitle you to contact us with your questions plus you will be entitled to upgrades as well as repair or replacement of your device should there be a fault. The warranty does not cover misuse of the Spreedbox.

 Why do I need additional support and maintenance beyond what‘s already included for Year 1 when I buy a Spreedbox?

We will continue to improve Spreedbox and there will be additional features that you will receive if you are on support and maintenance.

 Do I have to pay for ongoing software updates?

It is included in your support and maintenance.

 How do I update the software to take advantage of software updates and bug fixes?

Please refer to "How do I upgrade the Spreedbox software?"

 What happens when I lose my password? Can I reset it myself?

If you lose the software for your Spreedbox account, you can get a new password. However, you will need to have supply your email address when setting up the Spreedbox account. Otherwise, you can get the administrator of the Spreedbox to reset it manually.

Password Recovery

Spreedbox is based on Ubuntu Linux. If you lose your password to Ubuntu, you will need to reset the system. Please go to https://github.com/spreedbox/spreedbox/wiki/Getting-Started for more information.

 What if I don‘t have a local dealer? Can I buy a Spreedbox?

You can order Spreedbox through our online Store.

 Who can help me if I run into issues installing the Spreedbox?

You should contact the organization that supplied you with Spreedbox for the first line of support. You can check our FAQ. Failing which, please contact us on support@spreedbox.me.

 Can I pay someone to install the Spreedbox?

Yes, you can. Contact the organization that supplied you the Spreedbox.

 Does every user need a Spreedbox?

No. However, at least one of the participants in the session will need an account on a Spreedbox with the ability to invite participants.

 How many users per Spreedbox?

You can have as many user accounts set up on Spreedbox as you want. However, at any one time, we recommend that there are no more than 10 meeting rooms and 6 participants (users) per room for video meetings.

 How many rooms can I create?

It really depends on the total number of participants and the bandwidth of the participants. We recommend no more than 10 meetings rooms at any one time.

 Why can‘t someone in the same room call into an existing conversation between 2 parties?

It is like a telephone conversation. If there is already a conversation going, you will need to be invited into the conversation to participate. This is also a security feature.

 Why is the quality of the call poor when we have many participants on a conference call?

We use P2P technology. So if there are 3 participants, say A,B and C, participant A will be sending and receiving data from B and C. So the more participants, the more data is being received and transmitted. So the computing resources and bandwidth of every participant plays a role in the quality of the call.

 What happens if I lose my box? Can I still access my data?

You can synchronise your data with another device. For example, you may install the Nextcloud desktop application on your local computer. This will save a copy of all the data on the local computer. It is also good practice to backup your data.

 Is there a backdoor for Spreedbox? Can you prove it?

There is no backdoor in Spreedbox. It is our philosophy to be transparent in the design of the hardware and the software It is open source and available for review by the community.

 What‘s the difference between Spreedbox and spreed.me?

Spreed.ME and Spreedbox share a common heritage as an open source WebRTC based communication platform with video conferencing and messaging. Both were developed by the same community. Spreed.Me is offered as a hosted service. Spreedbox is the equivalent of Spreed.ME with Nextcloud preloaded on a self-hosted server/appliance. With Spreedbox there is the ability for customization and integration with external devices.